Professional check for Photovoltaic Systems with RC drone and thermal camera

The new flight drone sets standards for servicing your PV system. Arntjen Solar in Germany is one of the first solar companies to combine a remote controlled flying drone and a thermal imaging camera for detecting issues in your photovoltaic systems.

Why Thermography?

The detecting of errors in photovoltaic systems is often problematic. Especially for larger systems, this work is very time consuming and costly and must be checked manually. However, with a thermal imaging camera, even the smallest defects can be identified. Using the (solordrone) Multikopter this cost can be reduced significantly.

How do I recognize errors in the system with the thermal imaging camera?

The infrared camera can detect even the smallest defects in modules - on the front and on the back of the modules. The temperature graph gives an indication of which cells to cool down, overheated or have failed. In addition, the thermographic analysis offers the possibility to detect other errors within modules. Other components such as electrical connectors, transformers and inverters can also be checked for thermal fluctuations.

Through this type of examination, a complete system can be checked very carefully in relatively little time.

How does the Multikopter works?

The flying drone is a remote controlled aircraft with eight rotors. This allows the pilot to hold the drone in one place and safely operate from the ground while the remote controlled thermal camera is mounted below. After each use Arntjen Solar creates a written evaluation using special analysis software to collect important data including thermal images. You can see immediately whether the PV system runs error-free or where modules or cabling need to be checked.

Evaluation included!

After the check with the Multikopter Arntjen Solar creates an evaluation, made with a special software for thermal images. In the evaluation you will find the most relevant facts of the thermal images. So you can see if your PV system runs accurate or if you have to replace modules or check cable connections.

What else can we offer to you?

Not only are heat screen shots available. Arntjen Solar also offers professional aerial photographs with up to 12 megapixels and videos in HD quality. Now for the first time, low aerial photographs are feasible.

We offer unique images from unexpected perspectives!