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02.01.2014 12:59 Age: 5 yrs
Category: News

SunSaver 1 solar farm of Elfi and Chris Nielsen reached second place at the "Agricultural Awards of Excellence 2010" in Canada

Once again Elfi and Chris Nielsen from Arntjen North America are excited about an advancing position in an innovation competition. After winning first place at the Canadian International Farm Show in Toronto, they reached second place with their SunSaver 1 solar farm in the "2010 Agricultural Award of Excellence".

Built on the one hectare solar farm SunSaver 1 currently has 8 solar trackers in place, and plans to expand to a total of 12 tracking systems. By then the systems will be able to supply up to 210 MWh per year to the national grid from Oxford County. This represents 10% of the electricity need for the community of Innerkip, in which the farm is located. The system reduces greenhouse gases by 100 tons per year, equivalent to CO2 emissions of 12 cars per year.

"We are overjoyed that we had the opportunity to be considered for this important award with our SunSaver 1 farm" says Elfi Nielsen. "But it shows us what we have reached with the first solar farm of its kind in Oxford-County." In the future it is planned in a partnership with Arntjen Solar North America, to develop more farms like the SunSaver 1 projects.