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Arntjen Solar successful bidder for installation of 6 Trackers

6 Solar Trackers like this sample will be installed

Map of the 6 new Tracker systems

Woodstock City Council has rubberstamped a contract that will see 6 ground mounted solar systems installed on city buildings and properties. The council approved amending the 2013 Capital Budget to include the addition of $730.000 for the installation of 10KWp solar installations.While the roof mounted quotes are taking longer, City Engineer Harold de Haanpresented council the winning bid for the six ground mounted projects.

Arntjen Solar will be installing the trackers at a cost of just over $322.000 with the money coming from the Hydro Reserve Fund.

Construction is anticipated to commence as soon as possible, and must be completed within a six month timeframe as per the MicroFIT application requirements.

The ground mounted installation sites include

  • Woodstock Community complex
  • Parkinson Road Fire Hall
  • Storm Water Pond Universal/Parkinson
  • Storm Water Pond Keye Drives
  • Storm Water Pond Commerce Way 401/403
  • Storm Water Pond Commerce Way Pond East 

Map of the 6 new Tracker systems

Click here and see, where the new Tracker systems are going to be installed. The markers show the approximate location, but not the exact position.