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Woodstock Hydro Unveils EV Chargers

On September 17th, Woodstock Hydro unveiled two Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers, among the fastest available in today´s market. Installed on the side of Woodstock Hydro building on Graham Street at a cost of about $4.000, the two chargers will provide free charging to EV owners travelling down the 400 series highway corridor.

The chargers will hopefully draw EV drivers into the downtown core, and will also act as a fuelling station for Woodstock Hydro´s own EV, a Nissan Leaf electric car. “These are the first electric vehicle charge stations in Woodstock and they are open to the public 24 hours a day.” said Manager of Operations Jay Heaman. The chargers were installed in time to coincide with the E-mazing Race, an EV rally promoting a coast-to-coast EV charging network known as the Sun Country Highway Network.

Woodstock going solar

The City of Woodstock is currently considering various city owned properties for solar panel installation. Three 10-kilowatt rooftop solar projects have been approved to date for the Southside Aquatic Centre, the Parks Storage Building at Southside Park and the Vansittart Avenue Fire Station.

Woodstock has received Ontario Power Authority approval for a total of 17 solar panel installations. City Engineer Harold deHaan says a few of the buildings that were proposed for possible panels have since been ruled out. For example the roof of City Hall and the Woodstock Public Library would both have required serious work to handle the additional weight.

The three approved solar panel projects will be installed by Woodstock´s Arntjen Solar at a cost of of $129.000. Funds for the panels will come out of the Hydro Reserve Fund. The Panels will eventually generate a profit for the City in the back half of a 20-year contract.